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We only use 100% natural CBD & ingredients in our formulas ensuring organic CBD Oil products which are full spectrum cbds.

Full Spectrum CBDs

All our products are max strength full spectrum CBD. Pesticide & Herbicide Free Full Spectrum CBDs.


Our CBD Nano Sprays are FDA approved Zero THC Levels so fully approved in the USA and authorised in UK, EU & USA.

Lab Tested CBD

CBD Purity and contents of THC & Raw Material Analysis  including 0% THC of all our full spectrum cbd  products. 


Chromatography & third party batch testing ensures levels of cannabinoids in our CBD products.

Safe CBD Extraction

Using patented technology preserves the natural  phytocannabinoids, terpenes & plant lipids in cbd products.

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Full Spectrum CBD's


Buy our Broad Spectrum CBD Oil is most probably the purest product available in the UK & EU.  Fast free delivery on all our cbd range of CBD oil drops, CBD Capsules, CBD Cream & CBD Gummies.

Our patent-pending breakthrough CBD Oil products are created by our partner BLESSED CBD.

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With our outstanding products with unique formulas Buy CBD Oils UK is your one-stop shop to the world’s pharmaceutical grade full spectrum CBD products with our Patented breakthrough innovative products you can ensure that unlike other CBD manufacturers what is listed on the bottle for the CBD % to the actual dose received. 

At buy CBD Oils UK we have perfected our products and 99.95% delivery of dosage is guaranteed.

To ensure we’re consistently producing exceptional quality products, we limit the number of customers we take on. This allows us to focus on each batch with care and ensures we’re always creating the UK’s best CBD oil. If we’re sold out, we strongly recommend signing up to our waiting list so that we can notify you as soon as we start accepting new orders again.

Money is nice but we are not in this industry because it’s trendy or profitable, but because CBD has worked well for many in our family. As a family-owned brand, we are truly dedicated and committed to producing premium quality CBD oil products. We believe in CBD and would love for you to try it out. You have one body, treat it well.

Blessed CBD is only available to purchase in the United Kingdom. And no matter the order size, all our customers receive free special next day delivery on orders placed before 2 pm Monday to Thursday (our courier partner is DPD). For those who need their CBD products urgently, we’ll soon be offering a same-day collection service. How’s that for speed?.

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Organic Hemp CBD
USA Grown CBD's

Grown in Colorado, USA under strict 100% organic farming practices. Our hemp is tested.  Zero THC levels.

organic cbd | Buy CBD Oils UK
Organic CBD Products
100% Organic CBD

We only use organic genetic strains of phytocannabinoid rich hemp in all of our CBD products.

fda approved | Buy CBD Oils UK
FDA Approved CBD
Zero THC Cbd's

We fully conform to regulations for manufacture of active pharmaceutical products with lab testing.

Our products are all derived from hemp which contains less than 0.2% THC, and which are purified to contain under 1mg THC per dose, ensuring you get the purest CBDs possible.

Blessed CBD starts off with the very best hemp plants. Our strains are derived from specially bred hemp plants that are grown on licensed, organic farms. All-natural hemp is free of pesticides, toxins, herbicides, and heavy metals.

After trying all sorts of CBD products from USA and UK companies, it became clear that the UK was severely lacking the same quality available to Americans.

The US-based CBD oils we tried were vastly superior, but there was a problem; they didn’t ship outside of the US. If they did, it was ridiculously expensive and would take a long time to reach us.